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BBC News - Dark matter theory challenged by gassy galaxies result

BBC News - Dark matter theory challenged by gassy galaxies result: "A controversial theory that challenges the existence of dark matter has been buoyed by studies of gas-rich galaxies.

Instead of invoking dark matter, the Modified Newtonian Dynamics theory says that the effects of gravity change in places where its pull is very low.

The new paper suggests that Mond better predicts the relationship between gassy galaxies' rotation speeds and masses.

However, critics maintain that dark matter theory is a better general description of the Universe we see.

The study, available online, will be published in Physical Review Letters.

The theory that first proposed dark matter was developed in large part to account for mass that, if everything else we think about gravity is correct, seemed to be missing in rotating galaxies.

Standard formulations of gravity have it that matter circling, for instance, spiral galaxies, should rotate more slowly with increasing distance from the centre of the galaxy - much as the outer planets in our Solar System orbit more slowly than their innermost counterparts.

But the matter in rotating galaxies seems consistently to rotate with roughly equal speed near their cores and at their edges.

In the standard dark matter theory, cosmologists proposed a massive yet invisible quantity of material in order to solve this 'flat rotation curve' problem.

This dark matter is imagined to exist in a 'halo' around galaxies, providing the extra gravitational pull necessary to speed up those outlying bodies.

By contrast, Modified Newtonian Dynamics (Mond) first appeared in 1983, when Mordehai Milgrom of the Weizmann Institute in Israel proposed it in an Astrophysical Journal paper.

As a modification to the dearly-held formulation of gravity laid out by Isaac Newton, the theory came immediately under fire. It has always maintained a minority position among theories proposed to solve the missing mass problem.

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Kathleen Turner (@Kathleen_LIVE)
25/02/11 18:12
YouTube - Billionaires Decide Who Lives Who Dies

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The Anti Al Gore (@AGW_IS_A_HOAX)
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1884: Humans Blamed For Alps Glacier Retreat #AGW #Climategate #Climate #Green #Eco #Cop16 #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming

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Lindsey Williams & Alex Jones (2/2): La falsa escasez del petróleo y la ...

Lindsey Williams & Alex Jones (1/2): La falsa escasez del petróleo y la ...

BBC News - Shanghai announces 'one-dog policy'

BBC News - Shanghai announces 'one-dog policy': "The Chinese city of Shanghai has announced a new rule modelled on the country's one-child policy.

From May a one-dog policy will be introduced, and more than 600,000 unlicensed dogs will be declared illegal.

The new regulation has been the subject of long and heated debate among the city's lawmakers.

Last year more than 140,000 people told police they had been bitten by an unlicensed dog

Read the complete note

La forma en que Antonio Urzi hace los fraudes de OVNI

Network (1976) - There are no nations - Subtitulado Español

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Galactica 1980 30th Anniversary


RufianColonial (@RufianColonial)
21/02/11 23:43
MAñana (en 20 min) comienza el #LiberaUnLibro espero apoyen, solo dejen un libro en cualquier lugar con una nota a quien lo encuentr

Look for Barry's birth certificate in Mexico!!


Audio: Vacunas para reducir la población. Bill Gates con MD Sanjay Guota...

Bill Gates creó una fundación para erradicar la Polio. Habla de que con las vacunas se puede reducir la densidad demográfica en países pobres. Desmiente al Dr Andrew Wakefiled que vincula vacunas con autismo y muertes (el desmentido fué hecho por las farmaceúticas, es como Marlboro desmientiendo que fumar es causa de cáncer)

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¡¡Exijamos lo Imposible!!: #No #ACTA: Si les es posible copien y peguen esta entrada en sus blogs

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Megatron, Terminator, and Cylon want YOUR money!

Battlestar Galactica Original Theme

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The Lost Pyramid of Djedefre and the First Temple #israel #palestine #gaza #freegaza #flotilla #egypt #hoax

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La Elite busca despoblar, intervenir y adueñarse de la frontera norte mexicana: "Zetas" incendian pueblo en Du… (cont)

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About Binoculars: Astronomical Binoculars Anyone with an interest in Astronomy should own a good pair of binocu...

Se busca, ver foto!

juan antonio gomez (@ruskiman)
20/02/11 02:51
Es una foto reciente de mi hermano desaparecido ayer en Acapulco, cualquier información es muy valiosa, gracias!

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Michael Rivero (@WRH_Mike_Rivero)
20/02/11 08:40
Scientists: Sun's approaching 'Grand Cooling" assures new Ice Age #AGW #Climategate #Eco #Green #Cop16 #Climaterealism

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infowarsstories (@infowarsstories)
19/02/11 14:10
A license to parent your own children: C. Patience Summers | Background checks will be needed to take your newbo...

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@BreakingScience, 19/02/11 00:04

Science News (@BreakingScience)
19/02/11 00:04
Navy's Death Ray Laser Breaks Another Record, On Its Way to Ultradestructive Megawatt via

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1974: Global Cooling Causes Widespread Drought #AGW #Climategate #Climate #Eco #Cop16 #CO2 #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming

@AGW_IS_A_HOAX, 19/02/11 00:00

The Anti Al Gore (@AGW_IS_A_HOAX)
19/02/11 00:00
1974 : Expanding Ice Cap And Himalayan Glaciers Threaten World's Food Supply #AGW #Climate #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming

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RT @Freeman1776 New World Order full length #videos #NWO Cc @Carlos_S01 @Reziztencia @Pepe_alex

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18/02/11 04:30
UFO filmed above Chinese soccer match: A video of a strange object hovering near a busy stadium in China has sur...

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Dark Lord of the Sith

Chinese embassy in Mexico orders a repression!

The Senator Rene Arce, of the leftist PRD party, denounced that the Chinese Embassy ordered to the authorities of the Mexico City Borough Cuautemoc, to end the Lunar New Year ceremonies that chinese members of the Falun Gong, residents of the city, were having in the local Chinatown, the police destroyed banners, adornments and altars they set up in allegorical cars.

Mexico City is governed by the leftist PRD party since 2000.

Note in spanish

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The US protecting opium fields in Afghanistan

Tropas americanas protegen plantíos de Opio en Afganistán.

La nota desinforma y afirma que es para que El Talibán no venda la droga. Siendo que los fundamentalistas cuando gobernaban erradicaron las drogas.

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Con cero al final (@Bucaner0)
16/02/11 00:23
Argentina acusa a EU de introducir armas y drogas en su territorio

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tibettruth (@tibettruth)
15/02/11 16:11
China: Forced Abortion Opponent "Beaten Senseless" by Government Agents

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Patrick Sim (@11solo)
16/02/11 00:02
: Iraqi defector fabricated WMD intelligence: report

Mexico DF desde la Estación Espacial Internacional

Pena de muerte por infectar con el virus del sida a 400 niños -  

Pena de muerte por infectar con el virus del sida a 400 niños -  : "TRIPOLI (AP).— Un tribunal condenó a muerte a cinco enfermeras búlgaras y un médico palestino, tras declararlos culpables de infectar deliberadamente a 400 niños con el virus del sida.

El veredicto causó la inmediata condena de la Unión Europea y Bulgaria y expresiones de júbilo en Trípoli.

'¡Dios es grande! ¡Viva el sistema judicial libio!', gritó Ibrahim Mohammed al-Aurabi, padre de uno de los niños infectados, cuando el juez leyó el veredicto en el tribunal de Trípoli.

Bulgaria y la Unión Europea condenaron de inmediato el dictamen, y Bulgaria reiteró que los niños fueron infectados por las pésimas condiciones de higiene en el hospital Benghazi.

'Condenar a personas inocentes a muerte es un intento de encubrir a los verdaderos culpables y las verdaderas razones por el brote de sida en Benghazi', dijo el presidente del parlamento búlgaro, Georgi Pirinski.

'El presidente de la Comisión Europea José Manuel Barroso y la Comisión Europea están anonadadas por el veredicto', dijo en Bruselas el portavoz de la UE Johannes Laitenberger.

El vocero dijo que la UE no había decidido de inmediato tomar medidas contra Libia, pero 'no se descarta nada'. Bulgaria se integrará a la UE el 1° de enero.

Las cinco búlgaras y el palestino no mostraron emoción alguna cuando el juez leyó el veredicto.

El principal abogado búlgaro Trayan Markovski dijo a la Radio Nacional de Bulgaria que los acusados apelarán ante el Tribunal Supremo. El canciller libio dijo a la prensa que el caso sería referido automáticamente al máximo tribunal.

El largo juicio de los seis trabajadores médicos extranjeros ha estancado los esfuerzos del líder libio Moamar Gadafi para reconstruir sus lazos con Occidente. Europa y Estados Unidos han pedido la excarcelación de los acusados, e indicado que las relaciones con Libia serían afectadas por el veredicto.

Un observador legal internacional, Francois Cantier, de Abogados sin Fronteras, criticó el juicio por no admitir evidencia científica. Investigaciones dadas a conocer este mes indicaron que muestras tomadas a los niños enfermos apuntaban a que contrajeron el virus mucho antes de que los acusados trabajaran en el hospital.

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Leer mas

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Search for 'flu' in Google & your your data will be recorded on its flu monitoring service -

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BBC News - The moment Britain became an island

BBC News - The moment Britain became an island: "- Enviado mediante la barra Google"

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aleksweb (@aleksweb)
14/02/11 19:05
Lista de "productos milagro" asegurados x COFEPRIS, entre ellos unos q se anuncian mucho como PROSTAMAX Y REJUVITAL (PDF)

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14/02/11 18:21
Foto de la Luna y auroras boreales la noche de este lunes en Suecia

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Science News (@BreakingScience)
14/02/11 18:18
Earliest humans not so different from us, research suggests via

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Ximena Eduarda (@xeduarda)
14/02/11 09:02
"Lucy" Was No Swinger, Walked Like Us, Fossil Suggests #forgotten #history #anthropology

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Noticias Mexico (@MexicoFlash)
13/02/11 00:57
#México no está preparado para una crisis alimentaria: senadores :Foto: OEM-Informex Ciudad de #México.- En la firma d...

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Yohanan Díaz Vargas (@yohanandiaz)
12/02/11 18:34
ANTENA CERO. Resuelven uno de los misterios del manuscrito Voynich. (INCLUYE VIDEO)

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Mexico’s Big Freeze – 80-100% of Crops Damaged, Expect Shortages and Higher Prices - Truth is Treason

Mexico’s Big Freeze – 80-100% of Crops Damaged, Expect Shortages and Higher Prices - Truth is Treason: "I received an email from a reader regarding Mexico’s freeze damage over the last few weeks. In summary, large-scale producers of foods, such as Sysco, have sent out emails to major vendors explaining that there might be shortages of row crop foods due to freezing temperatures that hit Mexico. It goes on to say that Florida is normally the ‘Plan B’ as they grow many of the same varieties, but they’ve been hit hard by freezes as well and have lost most of their orange orchards.

It also details that expected shortages could be counted on 30-60 days from now and that Mexican farmers are still unsure of their next step with nearly total loss in many crops – do they try and quickly replant, hoping for a late March-April yield? Or disc the fields and wait? Other information coming in states that many of these crops have doubled, tripled or even quadrupled in price. For example, a carton of tomatoes went from $6.95 all the way up to $22.95 in one week. And that’s just one example!

This WILL affect your food cost and supply. If you’re not going to your local farmer’s market, now is the time to make friends and learn about it! This is also the time to start understanding how to grow your own foods and operate a personal garden. I offer numerous articles here at for gardening help, from squarefoot gardening, to growing inside of a small apartment. The choice is yours.

Here is the .pdf from Sysco explaining the “Big Freeze” and offering little optimism – Sysco Mexico Freeze

Another article regarding this crop failure and freeze can be found below – via ‘’ - a major food production newsletter. I’ve bolded the important parts below -

Damage to Mexican bell peppers and other vegetable crops was severe following an early February freeze.

Prior to Feb. 4, southern Sinaloa had not suffered a real freeze since 1957, said Jerry Wagner, sales and marketing director for Nogales, Ariz.-based Farmer’s Best International LLC.

The results in the short term, and the mid- to long term for some crops, are devastating.

“The end of February and first half of March, there will be even worse shortages of product” than in the first half of February, Wagner said.

The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas, however, said damage wasn’t widescale, due to “microclimates” that protected some areas while destroying other fields. Some items will have “steady but reduced” volumes for up to 8 weeks, according to the association, Nogales.

“Contrary to some early prognostications, we expect to see steady supplies of key items like tomatoes, bell peppers and melons throughout the season,” said FPAA president Lance Jungmeyer in a news release.

Heavily damaged vine-ripe tomato plants, for instance, won’t be bearing new fruit until late March, Wagner said. Even then, volumes are a big question mark.

“Future volume has been greatly affected, and even on plants that presently look sound, they’ll have to start from scratch trying to make flowers,” he said.

Similar losses were expected on romas and grape tomatoes, Wagner said.

On Feb. 8, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported prices of $22.95-24.95 for two-layer cartons of 4×4, 5×5 and 5×6 vine-ripe field-grown tomatoes from Mexico, up from $6.95-9.95 the week before and $5.95-7.95 the year before.

Short- and longer-term problems are expected on bell peppers, said Wagner and Mike Aiton, marketing director for Coachella, Calif.-based Prime Time International LLC.

The short-term problems are reflected in green bell prices, which jumped $30 a box from Feb. 2 to Feb. 9, Aiton said. The prices of colored bells shot up 50% in that same period, he said.

Aiton did not expect prices to go much higher, however, before stabilizing.

Longer term, plants that suffered flower damage won’t produce again until the end of March, Aiton said. Severe shortages on green bells are likely until Prime Time begins shipping from California in April, he said.

“We’re in for a long, tough haul,” Aiton said.

Regarding cucumbers, if 20% of the crop in the ground at the time of the freeze survives, “it will be a miracle,” Wagner said.

Green, grey and yellow squash crops, meanwhile, suffered perhaps the worst damage of all, Wagner said.

“Some plants will come back but the vast majority is lost,” he said. “New acreage will begin in a very light way at the end of February, first of March, but we’re really looking at the 10th of March until we see any real relief.”

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Audiobook: Foundation and Empire (Unabridged) Isaac Asimov

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Steve: Shamy (@SteveShamy)
10/02/11 23:12
Mexico rejects Monsanto's GMO corn

Las vacunas y el autismo.

Julieta (@Chibiyu)
10/02/11 22:23
Las #Vacunas y el #Autismo #Mafiamedica @Carlos_S01 @Joered @ManoNegra1 @doctora @Reziztencia @tacosdechilakil

Mercury in Your Tuna - MSN Health - Health Topics

Mercury in Your Tuna - MSN Health - Health Topics: "You’ve likely seen warnings about the dangers of mercury in tuna. But just how big of a deal is it? Consumer Reports recently decided to find out.

When researchers at the magazine sent 42 samples of leading-brand tuna products to a lab, they found trace amounts of mercury in every single can. Now this metal is particularly dangerous for developing fetuses and children, but larger doses could cause neurological or heart problems to even a full-grown man. (Case in point: Jeremy Piven claimed he had mercury poisoning from eating too much sushi.)

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Sect scandal: Scientologists outraged by defector's claims - Americas, World - The Independent

Sect scandal: Scientologists outraged by defector's claims - Americas, World - The Independent: "Leaders of the Church of Scientology last night launched a vigorous defence of their organisation and their treatment of the faith's adherents amid what they described as 'sensationalist' claims they have been under investigation by an FBI task force on human trafficking.

The move came after Paul Haggis, an Oscar-winning screenwriter who renounced Scientology in 2009 after 34 years as a member, broke a long public silence to help the New Yorker magazine compile a lengthy investigation into the Church's affairs.

Some of the most extraordinary claims raised by the 25,000-word article, published at midnight on Sunday, centre on the Church's chairman, David Miscavige, who was best man at Tom Cruise's wedding. He is accused of a number of incidents of threatening behaviour towards followers.

The Checkup - Why flu vaccine may cause narcolepsy

The Checkup - Why flu vaccine may cause narcolepsy: "By Rob Stein

Scientists think they have found a clue to why there may be an increased risk for the sleeping disorder narcolepsy among some people who got the H1N1 flu vaccine: The cases appear to have occurred among those carrying a gene that increases the risk for the rare disorder, which causes people to suddenly fall asleep, according to the World Health Organization.

Read the complete note

Global movement against Tyranny

Control Freaks!! BBC Mundo - Últimas Noticias - Chilena denuncia que Facebook cerró su cuenta por foto amamantando a su bebé

BBC Mundo - Últimas Noticias - Chilena denuncia que Facebook cerró su cuenta por foto amamantando a su bebé: "Una psicóloga chilena afirmó que Facebook cerró su cuenta en esa red social por poner una foto en su perfil en la que aparecía amamantando a su hijo de tres meses.

La mujer, Leslie Power, que es experta en desarrollo infantil, aseguró que el 31 de enero Facebook le informó del cierre de su cuenta por tener una foto que 'atenta contra personas y colectivos'.

Power dijo que los administradores de la red social demostraron con esta decisión que ignoran lo que es la lactancia materna y lamentó que el cierre de su perfil afecte su
situación laboral, ya que utilizaba Facebook como una herramienta de trabajo para resolver dudas a sus pacientes.

Proceso - Cibernautas boicotean los sitios web de Presidencia y MVS

Proceso - 2010: "MÉXICO, D.F., 9 de febrero.- Cientos de cibernautas boicotearon esta noche los sitios web de la Presidencia de la República y de la cadena de noticias MVS en reclamo por el despido de la comunicadora Carmen Aristegui.

La protesta bajo el nombre de Operación Tequila y convocada a través de la cuenta de Twitter @Contralacensura comenzó a las 20:00 horas en el sitio de MVS y alrededor de las 22 horas en el de Presidencia.

En cuestión de una hora, la página electrónica del sitio de noticias estaba inservible. En la pantalla sólo apareció la leyenda: “Error http 404”. Los directivos de MVS no han manifestado ninguna postura en torno al despido de Aristegui. Pasadas las 22 horas la página de MVS mantenía cierta inestabilidad.

En el caso de la página de Los Pinos, el ataque cibernético logró tirar por momentos el sitio web y hasta pasadas las 23 horas observaba también cierta inestabilidad.

Un ataque de negación del servicio (Denial of service, en inglés) consiste en congestionar, con un exceso de paquetes, las peticiones a un servidor. Es decir, se puede saturar o sobrecargar el servicio, provocando la caída parcial o total del portal.

“El llamado DDoS (siglas en ingles de Distributed Denial of Service, denegación de servicio distribuida) es una ampliación del ataque DoS, se efectúa con la instalación de varios agentes remotos en muchas computadoras que pueden estar localizadas en diferentes puntos”, dice preth00nker en una nota colocada en el foro de la comunidad de programadores “”.

Y continúa, “el invasor consigue coordinar esos agentes para amplificar el volumen de saturación de información, pudiendo darse casos de un ataque de cientos o millares de computadoras dirigido a una máquina o red objetivo”.

Los cibernautas han convocado a atacar el sitio la cadena MVS, el 11 de febrero a las 17:00 horas. El cartel reza: “El Alcoholismo no es el problema, la censura si”, en una expresión de hartazgo ante las acciones del gobierno de Felipe Calderón.

Es la primera vez que sucede un boicot cibernético contra una cadena de medios en México. Los cibernautas usaron la misma estrategia que seguidores de Julian Assange implementaron para atacar portales que hostigaron al líder de wikiLeakes, como los de Visa y Mastercard.

Proceso Alejandro Saldívar

Government offers cash prizes to doctors who recruit new mental illness patients

Government offers cash prizes to doctors who recruit new mental illness patients: "(NaturalNews) The U.K. National Health Service (NHS) has decided to turn its health care system into a giant game where doctors who recruit the most new mental patients win cash prizes. The equivalent of over $243 million is set to be divied out based on which general practitioners (GP) garner the most new business in the mental health field, an effort that is sure to add thousands of new people, including young children, into the category of having mental diseases.

The effort, say authorities, is to help craft a better preventive approach to mental health by catching problems early, and thus saving money in the long term. Sources say NHS currently spends the equivalent of over $16 billion a year treating mental health disorders. So by helping people early, overall costs will subside, so they say.

@Elipokecin, 09/02/11 22:08

Villarreal Dibujante (@Elipokecin)
09/02/11 22:08
@Carlos_S01 @Bucaner0 les comparto mi participación en radio imagen IMAGEN EN LA CIENCIA (Entrevista Emici) -

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Obama lanza el control completo de las comunicaciones -- Alex Jones (8-2...

EE. UU. se plantea 'botón especial' que apague la red en caso de emergencia

BBC News - Swine flu narcolepsy 'link' probed by WHO

BBC News - Swine flu narcolepsy 'link' probed by WHO: "At least 12 countries have reported a possible link between a swine flu jab and a rare sleeping disorder, the World Health Organization has confirmed.

It said 'further investigation was warranted' following reports of 52 cases of narcolepsy linked to the Pandemrix jab in Finland.

BBC News - Should a teenager be left to babysit a toddler?

Nanny State soon to tell us how to wipe our asses!

BBC News - Should a teenager be left to babysit a toddler?: "A mother has been given an official police caution for leaving her 14-year-old son in charge of his three-year-old brother. So at what age can children be left at home alone without parental supervision?

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La NASA encuentra 54 exoplanetas que pueden tener vida :: El Informador

La NASA encuentra 54 exoplanetas que pueden tener vida :: El Informador: "CIUDAD DE MÉXICO (07/FEB/2011).- La misión Kepler está logrando que la ciencia ficción se convierta en una realidad.

En un sólo año elevó a mil 235 los candidatos a considerarse como planetas.

De estos 68 podrían medir lo mismo que la Tierra y 54 albergarían vida, cinco de los cuales son del tamaño de la Tierra.

Lo cual se suma al hallazgo de un nuevo sistema similar al nuestro con seis planetas orbitando alrededor de una estrella.

Estos 54 se encuentran en la llamada 'zona habitable', una región donde podría existir agua líquida en la superficie planetaria, lo que incrementaría las posibilidades de vida en cualquiera de sus formas.

Además su composición es tan variada que algunos poseen una densidad tan ligera como el unicel, mientras otros tienen una similar a la del hierro.

La densidad de la Tierra es intermedia en este rango.

De los mil 235 posibles planetas 68 podrían medir lo mismo que nuestro planeta, 288 serían súper Tierras, 662 medirían lo mismo que Neptuno, 165 lo de Júpiter y 19 superarían en tamaño a éste último.

Todos necesitarán ser reanalizados por los científicos de la agencia espacial estadounidense (NASA).

Derrumbando barreras Los resultados que la NASA presentó en conferencia de prensa el miércoles se basaron en las observaciones de la sonda del 12 de mayo al 17 de septiembre en 2009, en las que observó 150 mil estrellas, lo cual equivale a una cuarta parte del cielo.

'El hecho que encontráramos tantos candidatos a planetas en una fracción tan pequeña del cielo sugiere que hay una cantidad innumerable de planetas orbitando alrededor de estrellas similares a nuestro Sol, en nuestra galaxia.

Fuimos de cero a 68 planetas candidatos del tamaño de la Tierra y de cero a 54 candidatos en zona habitable, que además podrían tener lunas con agua líquida', dijo William Borucki del Centro de Investigación Ames en Moffett Field, California.

Kepler está proporcionando información cien veces mejor de lo que se había hecho antes.

Se está descubriendo una variabilidad de estrellas que nunca se habían analizado a fondo, igual que planetas tan pequeños como nunca se habían imaginado, destacó Borucki quién es también el investigador principal de la misión Kepler.

Los más de mil 200 cuerpos celestes todavía no han sido confirmados como planetas, pero Borucki calcula que la mayoría de ellos calificarán.

'En una generación hemos pasado de la idea de los planetas extraterrestres como pilar de la ciencia ficción, al presente, donde Kepler ha ayudado a convertir a la ciencia ficción en una realidad.

Estos descubrimientos subrayan la importancia de las misiones científicas de la NASA, las cuales de forma sistemática incrementan nuestra comprensión del lugar que ocupamos en el cosmos', dijo Charles Bolden de la NASA.

Antes del anuncio de Kepler el miércoles, el número de planetas fuera del sistema solar, denominados como exoplanetas, era de 519.

Eso significa que Kepler podría triplicar el número de planetas conocidos.

El telescopio, lanzado en 2009, ha estado orbitando el Sol entre la Tierra y Marte, ha conducido un censo planetario y ha estado buscando planetas similares a la Tierra desde el año pasado.

Halló que hay más planetas mucho más pequeños que Júpiter, el mayor de nuestro sistema solar, que planetas gigantes, sumando en total 15 exoplanetas nuevos descubiertos.

Paso a paso Debra Fischer, experta en exoplanetas de la Universidad de Yale, que no participa en el equipo Kepler pero que funciona como experta externa de la NASA, dijo que la nueva información ''nos da una base mucho más firme'' en la esperanza de hallar mundos propicios para la vida.

''Me siento diferente hoy conociendo estos nuevos resultados de Kepler que hace una semana'', agregó.
Todas las estrellas que investiga Kepler están en nuestra propia galaxia Vía Láctea, pero están tan lejos que viajar a ellos no es realista.

En algunos casos tomaría muchos millones de años con la tecnología actual.

Lo que entusiasma a los astrónomos es que, mientras más planetas haya, especialmente con las condiciones adecuadas, mayores serán las probabilidades de que exista vida en otros rincones del universo.

Participación mexicana: Por otra parte, dentro del programa The planet Hunters en el que miles de voluntarios analizan las fotografías captadas por el telescopio Kepler para hallar potenciales exoplanetas, el astrónomo Andrés Eloy Martínez, colaborador de EL UNIVERSAL, ha participado en el proyecto por lo que anunció que espera se confirmen sus hallazgos de siete posibles cuerpos extrasolares.

Martínez Rojas descubrió evidencias de potenciales exoplanetas en las siguientes estrellas catalogadas como: SPH10034958, SPH10113344, SPH10101198, SPH10081870,SPH10053460 SPH10131862 y SPH10034958, al analizar las graficas de brillo de mas de seis mil estrellas durante un mes de búsqueda.

Además podría confirmarse la existencia de una binaria eclipsante en la estrella SPH10141748 con un periodo de poco más de ocho días.

Este último tipo de cuerpos celestes se caracterizan por estar formadas por dos estrellas girando una alrededor de la otra.

El descubrimiento de exoplanetas en este proyecto, implicó el análisis de 1.2 millones de clasificaciones de estrellas, siendo seleccionadas tres mil 533 que mostraron el mayor numero de sugerencias por parte de los colaboradores de The Planet Hunters, estando Martínez entre los 14 colaboradores con mayor cantidad de estrellas analizadas.

'Luego de los sorprendentes descubrimientos dados a conocer por parte del equipo de la misión Kepler, entre otros el de un sistema solar con seis planetas, constituye un privilegio el poder haber descubierto hasta el momento siete potenciales exoplanetas, algunos de los cuales podrían ser similares a nuestro planeta', dijo Martínez.

Los exoplanetas descubiertos serán analizados en los siguientes meses, para confirmar su presencia alrededor de un grupo de estrellas localizadas en la constelación del Cisne.

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Only Maybe an original MLA student blog: UFOS ON THE LAM!

Only Maybe an original MLA student blog: UFOS ON THE LAM!

Fire in the Sky movie, Alien Abduction

Answer of the BBC to my Top Gear incident complaint

Dear Carlos,
Thank you for contacting BBC Worldwide Channels about Top Gear.
We are BBC Worldwide Channels, and we currently operate CBeebies and BBC
Entertainment in Latin America.  As the episode of Top Gear which you
mention has not been shown outside of the UK as yet, unfortunately we
are unable to address your query for you.  However, we can confirm that
the BBC itself has addressed these concerns via a statement today, which
we can provide below:
"Thank you for your feedback about the comments made about Mexicans in
the Top Gear broadcast on 30 January 2010.
The producers of Top Gear have apologised to the Mexican Ambassador for
the comments made about him during the show.  Whilst the majority of the
piece on the Mastretta had been discussed in advance with BBC Editorial
Policy staff, the comments about him were ad libbed by the presenters
during the recording.  The BBC's Editorial Guidelines are very clear
about singling out individuals for irreverent/mocking/ comments.  Those
guidelines were not adhered to and the Top Gear production team has
apologised for this.  The comments about the Ambassador have been
removed from all repeats of the programme.
With regard to the other comments made about Mexicans, these were indeed
playing off a stereotype, and that practice is something that regular
viewers of Top Gear will be familiar with, as the presenters often make
jokes about the perceived characteristics of various nationalities when
talking about the cars made in those countries. It is something that has
been done in the past with the French, the Germans, the Americans and
the Italians, so Mexico was not singled out for special treatment in
this case.
Comments made by the Top Gear presenters are clearly exaggerated for
comic effect - to imply that a sports car is no good because it will
spend all day asleep is self evidently absurd, and not meant to be taken
as vindictive.  The Top Gear audience understands this clearly and
treats these remarks accordingly.
The UK prides itself on being a tolerant nation, but one of the
contributing factors towards that tolerance is the fact that jokes made
around national stereotyping are commonplace, and are indeed a robust
part of our national humour. Typically the most comedic ones are
negative - for example our own comedians make material out of the fact
that the British are supposed to be terrible cooks, terrible romantics,
and forever happy to come second. In fact, some of the more humorous
complaints we have received from Mexico are based on stereotypical
retorts, with one excellent one in particular referring to the
presenters as effete tea drinkers.
In line with that British tradition, stereotype-based comedy is allowed
within BBC guidelines, in programmes where the audience has clear
expectations of that being the case, as it indeed is with Top Gear. Of
course it may appear offensive to those who have not watched the
programme or who are unfamiliar with its humour.
Please accept our assurance that it was not the intention of the
programme to offend Mexicans but rather to use a clearly unbelievable
stereotype of Mexicans to humorous effect."
Best wishes,
BBC Worldwide Channels

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Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional

@xeduarda, 06/02/11 10:31

Ximena Eduarda (@xeduarda)
06/02/11 10:31
Genetic study uncovers new path to Polynesia #forgotten #history

Mujer extraviada

Febe Boleaga (@Shkanda)
06/02/11 01:43
@brendasunday Hola! Se extravió ayr mi prima n coyoacan, da xfvr RT Xsi alguien la ve, gracias!

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Douglas Adams'42 whimsically chosen to cut C02

  • NoddingHomer

    3 February 2011 11:03PM

    "42" even made into the final debate in the Scottish Parliament on the Climate Change (Scotland) Bill.

    As well as being the percentage by which CO2 emissions are to be reduced by 2020, the then Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change, Stewart Stevenson, worked into his closing remarks in the debate:

    "Through this bill, let us turn the earth and humans' efforts on earth into something that is mostly harmless. Let us also remember that the answer to everything in the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy is one that is relevant to today. The answer was 42."


Lam, Aleister Crowley, Grey Aliens, Jack Parsons

@Space_Update, 04/02/11 10:54

Space Update (@Space_Update)
04/02/11 10:54
Recommended: Will space shuttles have an afterlife?

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The Paranormal Report with Clayton Morris and Jim Harold #8 -- Mehr und ...

@Chibiyu, 04/02/11 00:20

Julieta (@Chibiyu)
04/02/11 00:20

@TPO_Hisself, 03/02/11 23:51

Tom O'Halloran (@TPO_Hisself)
03/02/11 23:51
Does Obama Believe in Human Rights? - Human rights "interfere" with Obama's campaign against climate change. #tcot

George Noory & Alex Jones: Egypt Conflict Could be "Shot Heard Around Th...

George Noory & Alex Jones: Egypt Conflict Could be "Shot Heard Around Th...

George Noory & Alex Jones: Egypt Conflict Could be "Shot Heard Around Th...

BBC News - Louis Theroux: My time among the 'ultra-Zionists'

BBC News - Louis Theroux: My time among the 'ultra-Zionists': "- Enviado mediante la barra Google"

Moonbattery: Ecofascist Teacher Makes Example of Six-Year-Old

Moonbattery: Ecofascist Teacher Makes Example of Six-Year-Old: "- Enviado mediante la barra Google"

Vacunas venenosas en Chile

Mlucascir (@mlucascir)
03/02/11 16:01
Chile: Bebés en peligro

@Laura_Rojas_, 03/02/11 09:54

Laura Rojas (@Laura_Rojas_)
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Miembros del Parlamento Británico del Grupo de amistad con México se pronuncian sobre #TopGear