jueves, 14 de agosto de 2014

Paul movie

I watched Paul tonight.

It always amazes me that in these movies they reveal real information about occultist topics and aliens.

At one point during the story, the briton blokes arrive to a trailer park, there they meet the girl in charge of it (a christian girl who wears a t-shirt of Jesus shooting Darwin with the legend "Evolve this"), who then eventually discovers Paul and in a hysteria fit she screams mentioning Paul is a demon. In the scene I thought Bingo! they got it right and they are revealing these greys are the demons, djinns or archons of gnosticism

Paul makes her lose her faith by telepathically projecting her his experiences. "She awakes." Metaphorically this is reinforced when he restores the sight to her left eye.

At the end of the movie, they all stop by the house of the now elderly woman who 60 yrs ago helped Paul when he crash landed on Earth. She reveals to them that her life was miserable ever since that event; the people thought her mad and a liar. Another thing they got spot on:

The contactees by aliens or paranormal entities (as the many "virgins Mary" of catholicism) see their lives destroyed as a consequence of the contact and many of them die shortly after the contact.

The psychological, sociological and paranormal damage done to the contactees ruins their minds and the notion that their peers have of them.

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