viernes, 20 de febrero de 2015

Trolling unorthodox researchers on YouTube

This is a concerted effort by a shadow group interested on keeping us all tied to the tv and the exploits of pop stars, they send all these trolls to comment on the videos of people who is doing unorthodox research, people as Brien Foerster, Graham Hancock, David Paulides, David Icke, John Lash, Mike Rivero, etc, and they the trolls come here, to Youtube, and write down "oh he is a crackpot, he has been debunked, he is making up all this stuff."

I spend every night watching videos by the people I mentioned, and many others, and it's now laughable all the effort and time that these trolls spend, trying to sway people away from these topics. They just want you to go along the thinking dictated by MSM and the Gov. 

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